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General FAQ

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When will we be able to see our pictures?

You will be able to view all your wedding photos online in about 2-weeks.  This is a normal turnaround time, but please know there are times when I am unavailable.  Reasons this might be the case, include family and personal travel, or other situations that are planned or perhaps unplanned.  Every effort is made to process your images as soon as possible.  In the event I am unable to process the photographs myself due to some extenuating circumstance, I will outsource the editing to ensure you have your photographs as soon as possible.

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What does Rainy Day Photos do to protect my images?

On your wedding day, your images are stored on my person while I am on-site.  They are in a secure wallet, clipped to some part of my clothing – not just tossed into a pocket or a bag somewhere.   My equipment bag contains a personal storage device, and all CF cards are downloaded to this device, either on-site, or immediately upon returning from your wedding.  All second shooter images are secured on this device before leaving the venue.

Once images are on this device, the CF cards are stored where they will not be in use for other purposes until your completed images are online.  The images are stored on my main computer, which is backed up by a personal server. 
GO AHEAD,pin thisSo, the images reside in 4 places, CF cards, storage device, main desktop, and server.  Once the images are processed into readable files, they are uploaded in full resolution to my online proofing gallery.  This is a worldwide service that has redundant backup systems in place, you can rest easily knowing there are so many backup procedures in place and that RDP takes every precaution when dealing with your memories. 

No one solution is perfect, and while RDP has these procedures in place to ensure your photographs are safe, everyone must be aware that digital CF cards are electronic media, subject to rare failures.


What are “Online Proofing Galleries “?GO AHEAD,pin this

Online proofing is a service that I provide through my website. You will be able to view all of your wedding photos there. From this web site your friends and family can view the entire wedding and order any prints they may want.   A slideshow system is built in for your convenience.  Rainy Day Photos separates your galleries for easy identification and will password protect your images to insure that the bride and groom are the first to view their photos from their special day.  Emails with the password are usually sent out in the evenings, when there is usually less going on and you are more likely to be in the same location. 

Once RDP has been given permission to unlock your galleries, they will be made public as part of the RDP website.  You can of course, elect to keep everything protected.  The proofing system has a guestbook function that visitors may leave messages for you in.  If you prefer not to have this function turned on, please let me know at the time of proofing.  


 GO AHEAD,pin thisDo you photograph any posed formal pictures or work from a shot list?

My approach to formals/group shots is short and sweet (approximately 20-30 minutes) as this allows you more time to be with your guests and enjoy your wedding day. I do not work from a specific shot list. You are welcome to prepare your list for organizational purposes, but neither RDP or any of our associates will know anyone on it!  Please entrust this list to a family friend or member of the bridal party.  I adhere to a pretty standard formal shot list that includes many of the traditional family and bridal party groupings.  If you have any special requests, for instance, an heirloom group photo of you, your mother, your grandmother, great grandmother, etc I DO makes those lists and place them on the itinerary.  Simply put, I am there to photograph your day, and during formals, I use my standard groupings, and then any other group photo you wish, it’s your day!  It is really important for you to notify anyone that you wish to have included in your portraits to stay in the area so they are ready to be photographed.   Please email me directly if you would like a copy of my standard formal groupings.


Are there any travel fees and do you travel outside of the country for wedding coverage?

There are usually no travel costs unless your location is more than 1 hour away, please contact me and I will be happy to give you a customized quote. I am available for travel outside of the US. And would LOVE to!