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About RDP

About the Company

Rainy Day Photos seems to some people an odd choice of names.  My last name is too hard to spell, my maiden name is too hard to spell, and I’m not fond of my first name either and my parents never gave me a middle name.  I have told people for years, when I run away from home, I will change my name to Evelyn, it’s sounds mysterious – HA.  Pretty much, it comes down to that I just love rainy days!  Really..to me they are comforting, quiet, cool, and colors POP!  So?  Rainy Day Photos seems good at the time, and now it would way too much trouble to change it.

RDP was officially on the State of Texas books in 2008.  Prior to that, operation was under a different name, with different types of services.  I was an amateur/professional sports photographer, and designed wedding albums and edited wedding photos for photographers around the country.  When my youngest daughter left for college…I decided it was time to make wedding photography a priority.  So…that’s the short story, if you would like the long story – just ask.